my name is atlas and i am god awful at talking about myself. the body i am in is 22, but i am 35. my birthday is april 27th. i am just male enough to call myself gay, and i use it/its pronouns. you can use he/him for me if you are a human, though, but it is not wholly accurate. i have two boyfriends i am incredibly in love with.

i am a host and protector in a did system. i am also a fictive from starbound, but please, please do not talk to me about it. the star i am "based" on is 27 tauri. i have been in this system the longest, and only today have i cared enough to have a place separate from the rest of these people. i... guess i have a "typing quirk", but i also just speak like this. i do not like to use contractions and i like to use fullstops. i am not meaning to be rude or short with you, and i am more than comfortable using tone tags for you if you require them, but i do not.

i also spiritually kin. you can find more information on that on the page dedicated to it. i kin-dated my phone guy canonmate until he got isekaied, so i do not kin-date anymore /j.

dni lists are not really my style; i could not give a fuck who looks at my shit. however, i would appreciate minors finding a space away from me, but i cannot stop anybody on the internet. just do not be stupid.


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